Jun 19, 2010

F(x) Sulli Eye Makeup

F(x) 설리 눈 화장
F(x) Sulli Eye Makeup

추천 색깔
살구 쉐도우 - 에뛰드 쁘띠 달링 아이즈 OR201 소프트 오렌지
바닐라 쉐도우 - 미샤 더 스타일 메탈릭 쉐도우 GL01
Recommended Colors
Peachy Shadow - MAC Tete-A-Tint (this is the one I actually used)
Vanilla Shadow - MAC Vanilla

렌즈 - 원더 아이즈 브라운
아이라이너 - 펜슬 아이라이너
Lens - Wonder Eyes Brown
Eyeliner - Pencil Eyeliner

「질문은 댓글로 요청은 쪽지나 방명록으로 해주세요」
「Questions in the comment, Requests by email please」


  1. i love how you did the liner, your face structure is so nice!
    just curious, is the vanilla eyeshadow the one in the pan or pigment? thanks!

  2. honeydroppe: Aw thanks! :) i used the pan one! thank you!

    yurina: thank you! hehe

  3. Glad you're back!! Great tutorial as always =) The white eyeliner really makes your eyes pop!

  4. enchi: Thanks!

    chelle: lol yay thanks! yeah like relly POP!

  5. THANK YOU!!! lovely tutorial
    but which white eyeliner is good? ive tried a lot, and most of them don't go on the waterline very well~~ =(

  6. 9095jj33: Thanks! mmm I use the one from Italy and the lable got wiped off... :( but I tried mac, make up for ever and wet n' wild and all of it was nice lol just try applying it few times!