Mar 19, 2010


How are you guys?
So sorry I didn't update well not update... translate for long time.
I've just been out of town... and I hit my puberty + menopause... yes i did...yes
Oh and I had cold :(
Bad idea to wear shorts in 40 degree weather.
Oh and my main comp that has all the files decided to catch a virus.
Neways...when was the last time I updated...
Wow perfect to the t a month ago!
I have snapped out of my puberty + menopause!
Thank you for all the birthday wishes and all these questions!
I will respond to them ASAP.
My loves, have a delightful day & weekend and spring! It's 70s in NYC!
I'm just gonna walk Us at central park.


  1. very glad to have you come back with really huge tutorial!
    keep the good working hunny ^^
    and happy bithday too, im sorry if im really late.

  2. thank you for all your lovely tutorials!! =DD

  3. Glad you're back! So many tutorials to try =D

  4. thank you for the detail tutorials~ It helped a lot!

  5. 언니~
    넘 감사해영~
    전 눈이 쌍커플 없는 눈이라서 작아여 ㅠ.ㅠ
    더 커보이게 만드는 방법 없나요?
    그리고, menopause는 폐경기에요 ^^

  6. thank you for your great tutorials on make up! rock on! ^ㅡ^